Hello, I am a Toronto Photographer, I graduated from Seneca @York University in 2015 for their Photography and Small Business Management Program. Following that experience I spent a semester at NSCAD University in the winter of 2016 to have an opportunity to use photography in different art mediums. All of my hobbies are my passions. I enjoy all forms of music, photography, performing, and art. 

True love is something we all hope to find at one point in our lives. I Document my little family just about everyday, it is one of my favourite things to photograph. I find honesty in mundane moments, they are the moments that make us feel and want to remember. Weddings are one of the most memorable moments in a couples life. I don't want to rush your day, I want to catch all of the details that tell your story, down to the flaws. Flaws are real, beautiful and what we fall in love with. As much as I love honesty, I also love to pretend, and living in the past is my favourite. I'm inspired by fairytales, childhood books, cartoons and Disney. Commercial Photography is my playground, staging surreal, whimsical sets, for my photographs is my passion. I enjoy shooting for genuine reactions In a controlled environment. I want the viewer to imagine I walked passed this scene (I created) and was lucky to capture it! I style my photography and film work with vintage costumes, decor and old architectural buildings.

As a collector of memory, I look forward to sharing my imagination with you!

The girl in the PhotoBooth

Tara Muhlberghuber